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Gregg P Snell

The Data Savant

What is he? Some kind of a data savant?

This was an actual quote from one of my former colleagues. At the time I took it as a compliment and eventually decided it would be the name of my new company...


Advanced Programmer SAS 9
Base Programmer SAS 9
SAS Institute maintains a certification directory

SUGI Papers

Accepted paper to SGF 2008 (Coders Corner): "%HASHMERGE - A Macro to Hash When It Can, Merge When It Can't"
Paper in PDF

An invited speaker to SUGI 31 (Tutorials): "Think FAST! Use Memory Tables (Hashing) for Faster Merging"
Paper in PDF
Presentation in PPT

An invited speaker to SUGI 28 (Advanced Tutorials): "Hashing: Generations"
Paper in PDF
Presentation in PPT (very large at 2.5mb but worth it!)

An invited speaker to SUGI 27 (Advanced Tutorials): "Hashing Rehashed"
Paper in PDF
Presentation in PPT


A member of the SAS Alliance 2000-2008.

Chairperson of KCASUG (Kansas City Area SAS Users Group) 2002 and 2003

Co-Chair of MWSUG 2001 (Mid West SAS Users Group) held in Kansas City.

An infrequent poster to SAS-L (best SAS resource on the net)

A member of ICCA - Kansas City Chapter (Independent Computer Consultants Association)

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